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Building contracting and construction works

If you need  building work orbuilding repairs, either with  or without design, then I can do this for you. I will price your works and get it carried out quickly, cost effectively without fuss and at the quality my customers expect.

Asbestos Surveying and Materials testing

If you have concerns or think that your building may contain Asbestor Containing Material's then I can inspect, survey, sample and analyse the results.

The presence of White, Brown or Blue Asbestos can be detected and I have the experience to advise a way forward with Asbestos Containing Materials.

I can guide you on the requirements for an Asbestos register for your property.

Property Development

In conjunction with a partner,we are now on the lookout for property with development potential or ! can help you to develop your property

Please contact us with questions if any of these services are of interest.

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